Love Thy Neighbor

Who is my neighbor? Jesus was asked and He told the story in Luke 10 29-37. The story of the good Samaritan. Jesus didn’t give a list of what a neighbor is but who a neighbor is and to go out and do it. Do you know who our neighbors are?
The Lord will protect the needy, lowly and oppressed, God has a deep heart for the needy.

Who are the needy? Poor, widowed, unpopular and even outcasts.

I am realizing I don’t know everyone’s  story. I may not know why someone has tattoos all over, piercings or why someone lives on the street. Everyone as a story good or bad that they carry. I know with our family current financial crunch the Lord is using it for a greater purpose. I know the Lord weeps for those we leave out, abort, neglect and the poor.

I had an incident with my youngest this week when I told him Christmas was going to be tight and I didn’t think I would be able to afford his $60 video game. He started crying and pouting. I asked him later what was wrong and he said “I am sad because we are so poor!” All this over a video game (I did buy but I didn’t want him to know.) Poor, things are tight but not poor. I have decided I am not doing my job to teach my children and Love thy neighbor and the true meaning of Christmas. Ben and myself this week are going to learn more what is means to be poor.

I learned of a local outreach from a young man I admire, called food for thought Every Saturday the serve brown bag lunches to Toledo’s needy. Maybe both of us will learn how to love Thy Neighbor and see we are so blessed.

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