Food For Thought Beginnings

Today was my new Saturday routine, Food For Thought. I brought along some friends  with me to help Lyndsey, Shane  and my friend Katherine. Before we left my 16 year old came out with a small jacket telling me she is ready to go. I told her it is 9 degrees out, you need to wear a winter coat. Lyndsey thought it was dumb and wasn’t even cold. I made her wear it anyway.

This week I wanted to give out something special and share the love of Christ. I had little crosses that had written on them God Loves you.  The first one was given to Mike that young man that told me to get out of my comfort zone. He told me he has decided our church isn’t where he needs to be. He gets frustrated with the people in our church and it just stresses him out to much to try any longer. I have known for a little while I was holding him back but, I was too selfish to let him go. He started a great work getting us old folks out of our comfort zone and making it comfortable but, I guess the Lord has great things for him some where else.

Lyndsey was passing out the eggs and the girl that wasn’t cold needed to go warm up in the car because she was freezing and her little fingers were purple. Sometimes mom’s  are right and I just had to smile.

There was a young lady there without a coat and my homeless friends were worried and told me I needed to get her a coat. She had a sweat jacket on and the truck wasn’t there yet. She was shivering and when I approached her about a coat she told me she didn’t need one she was fine. I found out she is a 17 year old like Lyndsey there to help and isn’t cold. As I am writing this I am remembering how worried the homeless were for her and she was there for them.

Today was a great day of new beginnings:

I met a man name Benny.(I will always remember him because my youngest is named Benny)  He told me about a job is is trying to get and needs tokens for the bus. He is scared because if he doesn’t find some tokens he may lose his chance for his job. He is worried because his rent is due on the fifth. His housing is through HUD and is $25.

Richard the man I met a few weeks ago that got a hold of his daughter on My Space. Helped a man repair some truck windows got a permanent job and it’s $8.25 an hour he is thrilled.

Todd the familiar face I saw a few weeks ago. Found an apartment and is looking for furniture. He looked so happy and told me he is on his way. I am on the look out for some things for his new place.

John came up to me and said thanks for what you are doing and I won’t be seeing you, I got called back to work and I start Monday. He works for a greenhouse and had been laid off and is called back, another happy face.

New beginnings for my dear friend Mike and the men and women at Food For Thought.

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Heart Full

I recently connected with a cousin that I haven’t seen in years. Susie was always dear to me. We have been emailing back and forth for a month. I just wanted to say I learned another valuable lesson.

Today’s lesson: Take that step to reconnect with the ones you love. Your heart will thank you!

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Another Valuable Lesson

Today, I would like to tell you a little about my two sons. Jake and Ben they  wanted a Xbox 360. This is something I feel they should earn and they will appreciate it more. This summer they cut grass, collected cans and did odd jobs for the neighbors. They decided to by a used system from Game Stop. Jacob talk to the employee about buying a used and was told that “they are better then new because they are cheaper and pretty much the same” They trusted the Game Stop employee because “they know their stuff” or so we thought. Today they got the dreaded 3 rings of death. This in the gaming world is really bad. Jacob called the Game Stop store and was told if he bought the warranty then they would talk to him. I called and ask them to look up if he did and they are unable to even though when we go in they ask for our name. Huhhhh, Another Valuable Lesson.

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Food For Thought

Yesterday, I made my way downtown. I was early and I waited with those in line. The host group is there prompt at 10:15.  This week there were more people then usually, typically the last Saturday of the month of the busiest with money tighter at the end.

Derek, the man I meant the first week was there. I told him I missed him the last few weeks and he said he had been ill but, is feeling better.

Jim the business man I met a few weeks back remembered my name and I gave him a few bags for his goodies. He wanted two of the same color to keep things organized.

Richard the man without his cell phone. I asked if he talked to his family he smiled and said Yes. He looked so relieved from last week.

I talked to a man I see every week. I think he is in charge because he gets all the people lined up on one side or the other. He asked me about the candy I was passing out, he likes to take something home to his daughter. I didn’t ask his name, I should have.  During our conversation I found out he is out of work like my husband. Here is one who works so hard to make sure others are not wanting is out of work himself.  We all our struggling from those we serve to us that are serving. I guess it shows we don’t know a persons struggles until we stop and talk with them. I need to do more!

Today’s lesson: Take the time to hear someones story, you just may learn something!

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Why am I here?

Have you ever wonder why you are alive? What is your purpose, When I was a little girl we had a Christmas record and the last one was a story called The Littlest Christmas Tree by Red Skelton. The Littlest Christmas tree is confused about why he is here and what is his purpose.
To hear this story, I know Christmas is over. I just wanted to share.
The Littlest Christmas Tree

Lately, I wonder what is my purpose. I know I am a wife and mother, but the older your children get the less they need you. With my work I am wishing my life away and the days off are few. My grandma always told me better days are coming and I have always believed, but today I come before you tired wondering what God has planned for me and what is my purpose.
Today’s lesson make sure to invite God into your life!
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Live each day like your last

Today, I went to visit my Aunt Ursula she turned 85 on New Year’s Eve. I wanted to talk about this wonderful lady. I have only been related to for 20 years by marriage. Aunt Ursula would give you the shirt off her back if you told her you liked it. She has buried a husband and two of her five children. Ursula enjoys those around her, she is excited about an ice cream social tomorrow and the fellowship she will have with her neighbors. she has had a hard life but would never know by talking to her. She told me she lives everyday like it were her last because someday she will be right.

I have learned a few special things from her and just couldn’t  go without sharing.

* Give what you can, because it shows the Lord’s love.
* Listen to your family history, you may learn something you didn’t know.
* Enjoy your community and family
* Live each day like it was your last

Then next on our visit was my Aunt Corky, that almost lost her life last month. She is in a rehab center. I could hear Aunt Ursula words “Live each day like it was your last!” Because you just might be right.

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Grandpa’s Willow Tree

Today I have picked one of my favorite posts:

Most of my life I have had good friends around me and they have come and gone, but the greatest part is when you see a friend you haven’t seen in awhile and it’s like they were never away. I wonder if it’s like that when you see friends and family in heaven. I always tell Randy and our kids when we go to heaven,  meet at the biggest willow tree. Why a willow tree? When I was a little girl my grandpa had the biggest willow tree and my brother, sister and I had so many great times swinging on those branches and I thought I would have something to do while I’m waiting for them and the breeze seemed to be even nicer when I was under that willow tree.

Will it be like we were never apart and all the anguish from their departure will be gone?

In ESV John 14:1-4 “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. In my father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go and prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. And you know the way to where I am going.”

So my hope is that the Lord has a big willow tree for us and He’s waiting with open arms. I am expecting the biggest hug and a big smile, I am sure the Lord is thinking, Candy you sure are going to look funny swinging on those branches and point the way.

I was just thinking there’s needs to be a picnic table by that willow tree for all my family that have gone before, I’m sure my grandma will be thinking of feeding us all.

To all family and friends reading this you have my personal invitation,to meet by the willow tree and converse like we were never apart. God’s blessings on you all!

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Conversation, nourishment like food

Food for thought yesterday, the temperature was 7 degrees when we made our way downtown. The temperature did not stop Toledo’s homeless from their weekly food for thought. This week our group made eggs again and I think we could have made a few more dozen. I realized  this week it isn’t just the food they receive it the conversation and fellowship between friends. Some of those I got to talk with were;

Richard, from Detroit and has been in Toledo since the beginning of December. Richard told me of a bad sore he has on his foot and he can’t wear boots because they hurt so bad. Richard has 5 children ranging in ages 31- 10. He can’t get a hold of his family to tell them he needed help because he had a prepaid cell phone that was stolen and all his numbers were in it. I had learned a valuable lesson from him- I have so many number in my phone that I don’t have written in a phone book and just like that they can be gone. He is going to try  to connect with his daughter by using the Library computers.

I talked with Jim I met last week for a few minutes and I said Hello and he said “Hi Candy” I thought it was cute since he insisted on calling me Candace last week.

David had a been in the hospital with heart problems. He told me years of alcohol and drug abuse had done a number on this heart and he needed to go back this week. I asked what day he was going back and he wasn’t sure. I wonder if he will go back. I told him he needed to take care of himself and he said he would. I hope he does.

My cousin, Susie sent me a touching story of a lady that loved and gave to those that others thought were untouchable. How God works through people to show his love and a smile can speak volumes to those around you. Remember those who are homeless are just like us and most American’s are just a few paychecks or one bad decision from being right next to them in line for some of our own food for thought.

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Guest Post: Samantha Hutchinson

My Grandma and I were talking about when we were younger and how our parents never told us that they loved us I have now made it a rule in our house well since I have had kids that we have to say I love you to each other everyday a kiss a day and a hug to go with it. I think it is important to let people know how you feel about them because you never know if that will be the last time you see or speak to them so for a tip *tell the people you love, you love them* trust me it makes a difference!!!
your niece,

Samantha, I love you!

I always have known my mom loved me because she always tells me she loves me, My dad like many dad’s of his generation didn’t say the words it was just an unspoken understanding between fathers and their children. The first time my dad actually said the words was when we were talking on the phone when I was 23 years old and at the end of our phone conversation, he said “hey” I said yes he said “I love you!” I said oh, I love you too! I always knew he loved me but it was so nice to hear.

In our home we fill up hug tanks, this is where we hug and say glug,glug, glug and say it faster and faster until we see a smile and then their hug tank is filled.

Samantha, had a great lesson, you may not get the chance to loved ones you love them, so have no regrets and always let each other you love them and appreciate them.

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U.S. Homeless

This morning many schools in the area are closed due to the weather. The temperature is -15 right now and we have a high of -3. I have a new thought since I have met my homeless friends. Where do you go in this frigid cold and you don’t have a home? The cherry street mission is seeing more people when the temperature drops, I saw an interview that one man was thrilled because when it is so cold he gets 2 blankets to use in the mission.I watched a you tube yesterday about the homeless and thought I would share.

Tomorrow I will get to experience what is like to be out in the cold at Food For Thought but I know in a few hours I can get into my car, drive to my warm home and be with people who love me. Many in America are only a few paycheck away from being homeless. Our President Elect has stood on change and I think many of us are ready to see the change, a better life.  My Grandma always said “better days are coming” and I think many are ready. Have a blessed day.

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