2009 Goal

On Deal With It, Simply I documented my goals, but one I really want to talk about here is to give more then I take. This year I am hoping for a better economy, but I am seeing more and more of us losing businesses, jobs and homes.

 I wonder if the Lord is correcting our circumstances so we are more appreciative of what He has given us. I know with our business closing I am seeing it isn’t about the stuff. God cares for people not about the stuff. It is about family and community.

 I started reading a book called A complaint free world and I wear a bracelet and when I complain I move it to the other wrist. I haven’t moved it that much but I wonder if I am not realizing I am complaining or forget to move it. Are we just used to complaining and listening to it we just except it? I noticed a funny thing about complaining we feel we have to up the one complaining and complain more and make our complaint more important. One upping each other!

  My goal of giving more then I take is to stop complaining and start doing. I can stop making the excuse of how busy I am and start loving my family, my neighbor and give so much more then I am. Today is the day and I hope you will think about it also. Just think how much can be accomplished if we all try to give more then we take.

God’s Blessings on you and your family this New Year!

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