Some more food for thought

I got some more food for thought when we made our way downtown this weekend. You see I was excited, I had picked up some  blankets,  hats and socks for the homeless. Before I left I thought I would take some  nail files from my husband’s closed business. They were a promotion and I didn’t need them and maybe someone could us them. I was surprised the nail files were a big hit. I had a man tell me he was so happy because now he didn’t have to bite his nails anymore because someone took his clippers. The everyday things I take for granted.

A couple from our group brought their children and they brought stuffed animals. It was so sweet to see them passing stuffies out to the children, then something started to happen the adults started asking if they could have one. One lady was so happy she couldn’t decide on one so she asked to take two and the givers quickly said sure. The lady was hugging them and smiling. I wonder if she ever had stuffed animals and this also was something I wouldn’t have thought to bring. Happiness brought by simple everyday things we take for granted.

I looked for those I met the week before but, only saw a few of their familiar faces. This leads me to believe there are more hurting in Toledo then I first thought. I know many in our area are struggling and I am hearing of more layoffs  just around the corner. It is refreshing to see organizations like Food for thought get out of their comfort zone and make it comfortable for all involved.

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