Food For Thought

Even with the snow, very little traffic and gloomy sky our downtown friends came. The snow didn’t dampen spirits or change the need for food and warming supplies. Everyone was patient and pitch in to get things set up. I always like to pass out candy, I have always used the line “my mama didn’t name me Candy for nothing!” This way I get to talk with my new friends ( talking is another thing I like to do and My Grandpa Caughhorn used to call me Windy)  Jason in our group thought candy wasn’t the best thing to pass out, how about boiled eggs, so this week we also brought boiled eggs and they were a big hit. Our groups new goal is to provide boiled eggs each week and I think if we all work together this can be accomplished and me ,I will still bring my bag of candy.

Some of the friends I met: Joan a mother of 2 boys ages 8 and 10. She said her children like to stay in the library and read. She was in a wheel chair tracking through the snow when I met her and gave her some lunches. She thanked us and said things are tight but she tried to stock up some for the winter. I told her I know things are so tight for a lot of people when she said “Have you ever heard of Angel food?”  I told her I love angel food, but what stuck me – she  just like me,is  a mom trying to provide for her family.

Todd a man I met last week that had a familiar face, I remembered he worked at a fast food restaurant in my town and had for a long time, he  was always in the money booth. I asked him how he was and he said “rough, things have been really rough” I said keep your chin up, better days are coming  (A  line my Grandma Young would always tell me – I have to believe she was right) He said “I hope so!”

Jim, a man that reminds me of a computer expert, a professional. I gave him some eggs and he asked me my name I said Candy, he said “Candace?” I said yes and he said “pleased to meet you, Candace”  We talked  about the weather but next week maybe I can get the courage to find out more about his story.

Everyone has a story and I think that story makes us who we are. Those who run Food For Thought change the lives of those they serve and in return those who were served change the lives of those who serve. That’s some real food for thought!

Have a blessed weekend and God’s blessings on you!

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