Family Gets Wake Up Call!

Can children learn valuable lessons from their Parents? I know I can’t stop all the mistakes my children will make but, maybe I can help with a few and maybe someday they will thank me.

When I was a child and you disobeyed you got a spank and sent to your room. Sometimes went to bed without dinner.Times have changed and parents don’t have the same influences over their children our parents did.

Our youngest daughter, Lyndsey brought home ” baby think it over” for her parenting class. “Baby think it over” is for just that ,to think it over about having a child  as a teen changes your life. Mollie Mae was here name. Lyndsey was very excited and couldn’t wait for her to start crying to show off her parenting skills. When Mollie Mae did start crying she had to put a key in her back then check all the things mom’s do to care for her child. Mollie’s  bottle and diapers have magnets so it knows you are feeding or changing the diaper. If you take the bottle away it starts crying again.

The whole family got a wake up call or should I say several. The baby was programed to have real needs and woke up every hour for feedings, diaper changed and just plain fussy. The baby even scream’s if it’s head is tilted back to far.

Then came Saturday and friends. Randy and I wanted this to be a learning experience. She went to a friends with her baby for a few hours, then came her  request to spend the night. We told her no she needed to be home with her baby and us. I think her friends mom thought we were nuts because she called to plea Lyndsey’s case of it’s just a doll and they were fine if they needed to help care for it. I told the mom we want this to be a learning experience and if this was a real baby sleep overs were done and she needed to be home.

I wanted Lyndsey to take something away from this experience and maybe think twice about consequences of having sex. That a baby doesn’t use a key and isn’t programed and they have their own little mind and needs. In today’s world teen pregnancy is glamorized, like shows the secret life of an American teenager. Having children change your life and when you are a teen and have children you lose your own childhood.

My children may not have all the things others have but I want them to know they are cared for and they have parents  that love and care for them and want the best life has to offer. I know being a parent isn’t easy and sometimes your children hate you but maybe someday they will thank you!

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