Guest Post: Samantha Hutchinson

My Grandma and I were talking about when we were younger and how our parents never told us that they loved us I have now made it a rule in our house well since I have had kids that we have to say I love you to each other everyday a kiss a day and a hug to go with it. I think it is important to let people know how you feel about them because you never know if that will be the last time you see or speak to them so for a tip *tell the people you love, you love them* trust me it makes a difference!!!
your niece,

Samantha, I love you!

I always have known my mom loved me because she always tells me she loves me, My dad like many dad’s of his generation didn’t say the words it was just an unspoken understanding between fathers and their children. The first time my dad actually said the words was when we were talking on the phone when I was 23 years old and at the end of our phone conversation, he said “hey” I said yes he said “I love you!” I said oh, I love you too! I always knew he loved me but it was so nice to hear.

In our home we fill up hug tanks, this is where we hug and say glug,glug, glug and say it faster and faster until we see a smile and then their hug tank is filled.

Samantha, had a great lesson, you may not get the chance to loved ones you love them, so have no regrets and always let each other you love them and appreciate them.

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