Conversation, nourishment like food

Food for thought yesterday, the temperature was 7 degrees when we made our way downtown. The temperature did not stop Toledo’s homeless from their weekly food for thought. This week our group made eggs again and I think we could have made a few more dozen. I realized  this week it isn’t just the food they receive it the conversation and fellowship between friends. Some of those I got to talk with were;

Richard, from Detroit and has been in Toledo since the beginning of December. Richard told me of a bad sore he has on his foot and he can’t wear boots because they hurt so bad. Richard has 5 children ranging in ages 31- 10. He can’t get a hold of his family to tell them he needed help because he had a prepaid cell phone that was stolen and all his numbers were in it. I had learned a valuable lesson from him- I have so many number in my phone that I don’t have written in a phone book and just like that they can be gone. He is going to try  to connect with his daughter by using the Library computers.

I talked with Jim I met last week for a few minutes and I said Hello and he said “Hi Candy” I thought it was cute since he insisted on calling me Candace last week.

David had a been in the hospital with heart problems. He told me years of alcohol and drug abuse had done a number on this heart and he needed to go back this week. I asked what day he was going back and he wasn’t sure. I wonder if he will go back. I told him he needed to take care of himself and he said he would. I hope he does.

My cousin, Susie sent me a touching story of a lady that loved and gave to those that others thought were untouchable. How God works through people to show his love and a smile can speak volumes to those around you. Remember those who are homeless are just like us and most American’s are just a few paychecks or one bad decision from being right next to them in line for some of our own food for thought.

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