Food For Thought

Yesterday, I made my way downtown. I was early and I waited with those in line. The host group is there prompt at 10:15.  This week there were more people then usually, typically the last Saturday of the month of the busiest with money tighter at the end.

Derek, the man I meant the first week was there. I told him I missed him the last few weeks and he said he had been ill but, is feeling better.

Jim the business man I met a few weeks back remembered my name and I gave him a few bags for his goodies. He wanted two of the same color to keep things organized.

Richard the man without his cell phone. I asked if he talked to his family he smiled and said Yes. He looked so relieved from last week.

I talked to a man I see every week. I think he is in charge because he gets all the people lined up on one side or the other. He asked me about the candy I was passing out, he likes to take something home to his daughter. I didn’t ask his name, I should have.  During our conversation I found out he is out of work like my husband. Here is one who works so hard to make sure others are not wanting is out of work himself.  We all our struggling from those we serve to us that are serving. I guess it shows we don’t know a persons struggles until we stop and talk with them. I need to do more!

Today’s lesson: Take the time to hear someones story, you just may learn something!

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