Food For Thought Beginnings

Today was my new Saturday routine, Food For Thought. I brought along some friends  with me to help Lyndsey, Shane  and my friend Katherine. Before we left my 16 year old came out with a small jacket telling me she is ready to go. I told her it is 9 degrees out, you need to wear a winter coat. Lyndsey thought it was dumb and wasn’t even cold. I made her wear it anyway.

This week I wanted to give out something special and share the love of Christ. I had little crosses that had written on them God Loves you.  The first one was given to Mike that young man that told me to get out of my comfort zone. He told me he has decided our church isn’t where he needs to be. He gets frustrated with the people in our church and it just stresses him out to much to try any longer. I have known for a little while I was holding him back but, I was too selfish to let him go. He started a great work getting us old folks out of our comfort zone and making it comfortable but, I guess the Lord has great things for him some where else.

Lyndsey was passing out the eggs and the girl that wasn’t cold needed to go warm up in the car because she was freezing and her little fingers were purple. Sometimes mom’s  are right and I just had to smile.

There was a young lady there without a coat and my homeless friends were worried and told me I needed to get her a coat. She had a sweat jacket on and the truck wasn’t there yet. She was shivering and when I approached her about a coat she told me she didn’t need one she was fine. I found out she is a 17 year old like Lyndsey there to help and isn’t cold. As I am writing this I am remembering how worried the homeless were for her and she was there for them.

Today was a great day of new beginnings:

I met a man name Benny.(I will always remember him because my youngest is named Benny)  He told me about a job is is trying to get and needs tokens for the bus. He is scared because if he doesn’t find some tokens he may lose his chance for his job. He is worried because his rent is due on the fifth. His housing is through HUD and is $25.

Richard the man I met a few weeks ago that got a hold of his daughter on My Space. Helped a man repair some truck windows got a permanent job and it’s $8.25 an hour he is thrilled.

Todd the familiar face I saw a few weeks ago. Found an apartment and is looking for furniture. He looked so happy and told me he is on his way. I am on the look out for some things for his new place.

John came up to me and said thanks for what you are doing and I won’t be seeing you, I got called back to work and I start Monday. He works for a greenhouse and had been laid off and is called back, another happy face.

New beginnings for my dear friend Mike and the men and women at Food For Thought.

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