Be Yourself My Friend!

Have you ever felt alone? When I was younger a had a great friend, but as I got older it seemed this friend only wanted me to feel the way she felt, no honest opinions or free thinking. There was an incident where she thought it was better to leave her family of a husband and 4 children and go another way. I voiced my opinion and it didn’t go over very well. She was very upset that  I didn’t agree with her decision. so we didn’t talk for awhile. I saw her in a social setting sometime later and she treated me terrible and embarrassed me in front of the other guests. When I left and was driving home I thought; Why do you have a friend that you can’t be yourself? I had this friend for 20 years and I was never Me, no more I had to be who the Lord intended and go with my conscience (I have heard your conscience is the Lord speaking to you!)

I prayed for a friend, someone who loved me the way I am flaws and all. That prayer was answered, I don’t even exactly know when but I have found my friend. My friend has moved and lives in North Carolina and we get up at 6am on Thursdays to pray for our children and to talk a little. Robin has 4 children and so do I. It is wonderful to know someone cares for your children as you do. To lift them up to the Lord. Today Robin joked because our kids are all doing great and we need to start praying for the adults. It is wonderful to have a friend you can be yourself.

Today’s lesson  Be yourself and I pray you all have a dear friend!

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