The Letter I Cannot Send!

Have you ever had a letter you cannot send? A love one that has passed, things you never got to say. I lost my brother 9 years ago and never got to say goodbye, he commit suicide.

The Letter I Cannot Send-A place to get it off your chest, out of your mind and let it go. I think for me the hardest thing is letting go. Forgive and forget I grew up with hearing “I can forgive, but I can’t forget!” Did you ever think about this statement? To forgive and remember. Remember the offense and forgive I think that makes forgiveness a gift, one that I have been given many times.

I remember some years back my brother was staying at my folks after he had hurt them many times. I said to my mom “Why is he here, I can’t believe you are letting him stay here!” When she said “He is my son and I forgive him!” I couldn’t believe it, I guess I was a little jealous. Something Just this year made me think of this story when I was at church and heard the Parable of the Prodigal Son and I thought I was the Prodigal’s brother! I called my mom to say, I was so sorry and she had forgiven and forgot this long ago.

My brother has been gone for 9 years and I am now glad my mom had the time with him. No thanks to me. This was one of my regrets I wished I could have forgave and remembered, giving my brother a gift. I hope my brother knows I loved him and I am glad my mom showed unconditional love for her son and me, her daughter.

If you may have a letter you cannot send here is a your chance!

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