My Food For Thought!

It’s Saturday again and I got my Food for Thought! Today my niece Angie went with me and the temperature was awesome, no gloves today. I wanted to say Food for Thought isn’t just to feed some of Toledo’s homeless, I have it decided it’s for me too! When I got downtown I saw my homeless friend, Larry. I introduced my niece to him and he said she always talks about you all the time and Angie said What? I said he is kidding and he just started laughing I said he’s a character and he said yea that’s what they call me! Later Larry was in line for food and he said “what’s wrong with that guy on the phone he sounds crazy” (It was a teenager on a cell phone), I got a chuckle because this was coming from the guy with lipstick not just on this lips but on his cheeks too!

Some new friends I met this week;

Lee, I have seen him before but today I asked his name. Lee has a great smile.

Wayne, a man that stopped to tell me what a blessing it is (Food For Thought) We talked about how warm it is outside and a man named Jim chimed in and said but it’s windy! Wayne quickly said well thank the Lord it’s not below zero like last time. Jim told me of a local Pastor that gave him money to buy a backpack a few weeks ago and he bought one, He was very proud of it. Jim lives at the Cherry street Mission.

Richard, the man that finally reached his family is going home March 8th and his birthday is the March 9th. He told me he doesn’t have sugar and his foot should be fine. I told him I’ve been praying for him and he said “I don’t know how to pray!” I said I really don’t either I just talk to God and he said that’s what I do, just talk. I said well you are praying. He said some great things have been happening and this week he found $20 on the ground and no one was around and God must have known he needed it. Isn’t it funny how the Lord does take care of us,  I have been trying to say I am blessed instead of I am lucky!

Last week, I wrote the Mayor of Toledo about the amazing thing going on Saturday’s in front of the Toledo Library and He has invited me to meet with him Monday. Boy Mike,that young guy that told me to get out of my comfort zone would be proud, I am really getting out of it!

Today’s Lesson: Make your comfort zone more comfortable!

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