The other side of the story

Last night, I was invited to a bible study at a woman’s shelter in Toledo. I met the leader Michelle, at her home and a few other ladies before, to ride together. Now mind you I really don’t know any of them. Michelle, I met at Food for Thought, my new Saturday routine with the homeless. Michelle invited me in and I sat with them for a few minutes. They were in the middle of a conversation when one said “Yeah, well my mom said her worst day was seeing me go to prison” I knew it was going to be a learning experience.

We paired off in two cars, I rode with Michelle. She asked me “What did you think when you heard prison?” she told me this lady was at the shelter when they started having the Bible study and now is one of the leaders. We didn’t talk about offenses, but she has had 20 years of struggle and is on her way out.

When we arrived the women were happy to see us and they were clearing off the table from dinner and then we could have our gathering. The lady with her 20 year struggle (I call her Lori) lead our study and it was on Deborah found in the book of Judges. Deborah was the only woman leader in the Bible. Lori asked the woman there how many of you think you need a man to get by? There is only one man you need right now and that is Jesus.

After our study we made a craft and had some dessert we brought and I listen to the conversations, I realized men our important to them and many of them have a love reality, which is if I am in love I will be happy.

About the woman in the shelter: When they arrive and change out of street clothes and put on pajamas. The ladies, can only sleep there for the night and in the morning the woman eat breakfast change back into their street clothes and leave. There is no staying in when it is cold or rainy. Relaxing with a cup of coffee. It’s back to the streets for another day. I used to always say I am lucky but have changed my words to I am blessed as I am sitting here writing this enjoying my coffee, warm home, a husband and family that loves me. I am so blessed that my mom raised me in the faith and I know God loves me and I hope these ladies grow to know God is there for them.

I appreciate how honest the women were with me and I will go back in a few weeks.

Today’s Lesson: We all have different walks in life and you may think you know another persons story, my mom also said “you don’t know someones story until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes and to always try to look at the other side of the story.”

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