No Strings Attached!

Have you ever received a gift with no strings attached? A gift just because someone wanted to give. This morning after baking cookies for cheerleading and boiling eggs for Food for Thought. My husband Randy and I went out to Bedford Christian Community Church in Temperance, Michigan. I read on Monroe on a Budget The church was to have a free box food give away for Monroe county and Lucas county. No proof of income just come and receive a free box of food. When I read the story my first thought was what’s the catch? I decided to make the drive and check it out. There were quite a few cars when we arrived at 9:04am everyone drove in and a box was loaded in the car and drove out.  The church’s mission

It was very refreshing to see so many in the church giving to so many others.That sense of community I think so many of us are looking for.  Giving with No Strings Attached Like a gift given for all  over 2000 years ago and that’s my food for thought today. God’s Blessings on you, Candy

Thank you to Bedford Christian Community Church for showing a light in this down time and Paula at Monroe on a Budget. If you live in the Monroe or Lucas county area, please check out her site. She finds the happenings and does all the work and we get to reap the benefits.

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