Eighties Nerd!~

When I was younger and it was around Halloween some friends and I decided to dress like nerds, the sixties. When I got home from work I decided to tell my mom and ask her if I could barrow some clothes, which I thought was hilarious. Well, my mother didn’t think it was that funny and I have never lived it down.

Today,  my youngest daughters choir concert and they are to dress like the 80’s. I went to Savers to find her the big sweatshirt, big belt and leggings. She was excited to see my finds and quickly went to work cutting the collar, pulling her hair to side and the blue eye shadow.

When we arrived at the concert, I could tell  the girls that  mothers were teenagers in the eighties because they all had the same theme as Lyndsey.  The singing was wonderful and we had a great time.

Today’s Lesson: At sometime in our lives we are all nerds. Sorry Mom, but just think  sweet revenge because, now I am the Nerd!

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