Food for thought

Today, I went downtown for my food for thought. My husband Randy came with me today and he passed out the eggs and I passed out my candy. I have to say there was a sale on chocolate bars and my homeless friends love chocolate. I just had to smile when some would politely ask can I have a different kind or that’s my favorite. So grateful for a piece of chocolate.

When I arrived Joan the sweet  lady in the wheelchair, said “oh there is my Candy girl.” I finally got to meet her 8 year old son David. He told me he needed a sweatshirt. Joan told me she had told him it was chilly out and he should wear something warmer. He didn’t and now was cold. We found him a coat in the trailer.  When he put it on Joan giggled with excitement, of how nice a coat he received. Joan also told me I only have a few more days to get my Angel food order in. The very first time I met Joan we were talking about our growing boys and she asked if I had heard of Angel food. I thought how wonderful I had met a frugal friend.

Richard the man that is going back to Detroit wasn’t there today. His birthday is tomorrow and he is leaving on Monday. I wanted to say goodbye and Happy birthday, but it is wonderful he has moved on and is going to be with family. He told me last week he wasn’t going to stay with his children but with a friend. He said “Children are suppose to live with their parents not children taking care of their parents!”  When I watched Oprah’s homeless show last week, I did hear parents telling the reporter their children didn’t know they were homeless because “We don’t want to worry them” (their Children).

Jason a younger man that was full of the spirit had a psychedelic headband in his hair when Larry my friend that wears clown make up each week, told Jason he liked it and where did he get it?  Jason said he made it. He told how he cut a shirt sleeve off a t-shirt and now wears it. Very frugal, I thought. Well Larry told him “well, I like it and could you make me one?” Jason said “I can do that man!”

The homeless and less fortunate of Toledo are showing me the sense of community, I think we all have been needed. Working together, helping each other out to make a better day. If we all work together I think we can get through this!

Today’s lesson: Better days are coming, if we work together. Even in need we all have something to offer!

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