Food for thought

This weekend I had my food for thought in downtown Toledo. My daughter and her boyfriend came along and they told me “We are hooked” food for thought started out as me getting out of my comfort zone and truly loving my neighbor and has become meeting with friends. One thing I love about food for thought is you don’t know who is homeless and who is a helper, we are all equal and it is truly amazing. Some of the friends I talked with were:

Joan, the mom in the wheelchair gave me some real food for thought. In our conversation she said I like to give the Lord 10% of my time, I give him 2 1/2 hours each day. I have always thought and heard give the Lord 10%, but I never thought 2 1/2 hours of each day give to him. Last night, I was even dreaming about how this can be accomplished and I figured it out. Pray without ceasing 17 – 10 minute prayers throughout the day. I get up and pray in the mornings but not for 2 1/2 hours. I need to work on this. I was thinking all the adversity Joan has had and her faith is strong, what an inspiration! Joan also gave me a recipe for cake mix peanut butter cookies, I would like to try this week and she said the cheaper the cake mix the better, very frugal.

Lee the man with the great smile. I asked him how his week went and he told me he had been scraping a little He likes to scrap copper. I told him I collect cans and go when I have a car load. Lee told me he doesn’t have a car and walks and carries his scrap to the recycling yard. The things we take for granted!

Richard the man that I thought went to be with his children was there this week and I wonder if he is really going. Maybe it didn’t work out with the kids. Family is so important and I hope I always have them near.

There were so many little children this week. With the warmer weather  think we are getting more people. Homeless, low income and I know it is growing with the state of our economy. God’s Blessings on you all, Candy

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