Food for thought on hugs!

This morning I had the wonderful opportunity to have some others from my church come with me to food for thought. Melanie is a young woman that has a heart for the Lord and the youth in our church and Rose is a Christan friend that has shown me there is light after a business failure. Both of them brought extra things to get today and for the food for thought pantry. I introduced them to some of the friends I have made along the way.

Michelle the lady I met a few weeks back shared her story of 20 years of crack addiction and was homeless. Now is one of the helpers for food for thought. She has a host family and has agreed to stay with them for one year before she gets her own place. The first time I met Michelle when I left I gave her a hug and when we left the leader approached me and said do you know how amazing that just was and I said what? She said you gave Michelle a hug and she doesn’t hug, she doesn’t like people in her personal space and she hugged you back. Today I hugged her and later I even saw her hugging the leader, One hug at a time changing the world! Michelle introduced us to Dee her host mom.

Dee has a business and gives all profits she makes to food for thought. She is launching some craft parties to help fund more. How wonderful giving for the greater cause.

Nicole the homeless lady that asked me to pray a few weeks back has found out she does not have cancer but was told if she wants children now is the time because they would like to do an hysterectomy. She told me she is unsure what to do.

Hannah a young lady I met at the woman’s shelter found out she is having a boy and is naming him Blake. She had told me a few weeks back she intends to move out of the shelter after her baby is born and is going to live in a mobile home for $250 a month.

Derek was there today and he is a light for the Lord,  I told you when I met him the first week I went to food for thought. We hugged and I introduced him to Melanie and he said can I hug her and said she’s a hugger too. Derek and Melanie want to have Free Hug signs. I love to hug I have always been a hugger and I think when you hug you are showing that person you care for them, God’s love!

Kelsey’s Boyfriend Joel Came with his friend Andrew and I got to hug him and I didn’t see him again. Speaking of hugs the first time I met Joel I hugged him and he said it has been so long since I have had a hug. Hugs do matter!

When My children were little we would say “your hug tank needs filled up” and hug them an say glug, glug, glug and get faster and keep doing it until they would smile and that meant it was filled. We sure are a goofy family, but I wouldn’t trade them for any amount of money.

Today’s Lesson: Fill up someones hug tank, glug, glug, glug

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