My midlife crisis…..

This weekend my oldest Kelsey is moving into her own apartment. She is so excited and I am so proud.  Kelsey has found all kinds of  frugal finds  for her apartment. Growing up and leaving the nest, this is the way it is suppose to be. I never left the nest until my wedding day.  I guess my mom made it too easy for me to stay or I was always too afraid.

Lately, I have been thinking about my own life and decisions I have made or not made. I thought my life would be different, maybe this is my midlife crisis. I was telling Kelsey this is the time of her life and it made me realize my life is half over if not more. I thought I would accomplish more and now I have the feeling of  I am working against the clock.  I wouldn’t trade any of my family, but I wish I would have done more with them. So many things to do.

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Have a blessed day and enjoy your life it’s the only one you have, Can-

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I have 4 of them and wonder WHAT WAS I THINKING! It seems lately there is always a drama and this morning was no different. My youngest wanted to be up by 5am. We make her turn her cell phone in at night so she will sleep and not be on it all night. Lyndsey said that her phone is her alarm clock and that’s why she needs the phone all night with her. Well I got her up at 6 instead of 5 and the drama begins!

When my children were little I can remember others saying “oh, just wait it gets easier!” and I have to say it does in some ways but others raising teenagers is an emotional roller coaster. A waiting for the other shoe to drop and a feeling of  no matter what you do is going to be consider lame or insignificant. Prayers of Lord get me through the next 5 years.  The days of rushing your little one to walk may be gone and now is the rushing to the moment where they appreciate you!

Teenagers got to love em!

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Torch passing moment!

This weekend was my oldest son’s confirmation and everything was great. When the party was over I asked my mom how she thought everything went and she said “Great and the best part was I didn’t have to worry about anything and got to relax!” Why my mom said that is  because I usually have the parties at my parents home because ours is too small. Seeing my mom relax was an awesome sight.

At Easter my mom told my sister and I we are cooking Thanksgiving. I have decided they are coming to my house. I am not cooking at their home and stressing her out.  My mom has been in-charge of the family dinners for over 40 years since her father died. I always thought she enjoyed it and didn’t realize how stressed she would get  and now the torch has been passed!(Or should I say the turkey has been passed!)  Wow, I am finally an adult and can serve her, what a great feeling!


I have been so busy that I just haven’t had the time to post. I am always learning valuable lessons as I am sure we all are. If you would like to write a guest post for me please let me know at   I would love to hear your valuable lessons and share.

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I am finding it harder to find the time to write. In our home most know we have four children and things get hectic. Our oldest Kelsey has decided it is time to spread her wings and get an apartment with 2 other friends. I am torn because this is what we raise our children to become self sufficient. Kelsey asked me if I was happy for her and I am. I reminded her when she was three she told me “I going to live with you forever mama!” Boy forever came quick!

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Have a blessed day and remember forever isn’t as long as it may seem. Candy

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Food for Thought

This weekend I traveled to downtown Toledo for Food for Thought. This an organization that is growing at a rapid pace.  There are many in need and many there to help.I was struck by how different homeless and volunteers look with out all the winter attire on. It was a beautiful day and we all looked renewed.

There was a box truck filled to the brim with Gatorade, orange juice and water bottles. The volunteers were handing them one by one until they realized they needed to empty the truck. I heard someone say “let’s give out cases and we can get it emptied faster”.  Then came the mad dash for the drink truck, people had more then they could carry.

I understand the individual who donated was lead to give to those who were less fortunate, which was so wonderful.  I know that those for were given appreciated the given.


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