Organization! There I said it but don’t have it.

No, this isn’t my home but I feel we are so busy we are out of control and it feels like this!

You know your life is out of control when….

  • You show up at a a graduation party a day late.
  • You forget your brother in laws 44th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Doug
  • You call you brother to wish him a Happy Birthday and he informs you his birthday isn’t for a month!
  • You go to rent a book and you have a $8 fine. My son, Jacob said “Mom I didn’t even rent a book about Canada” but Ben did a year earlier!

I need to get organized and get myself back in control. I know it is a process that I need to get working on and today is the day! Have a blessed day, Candy

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Today, while on my way home from a store run. Randy and I were passing Wolf Creek Nursing center when I remembered I wonderful man named Howard from our church was there. We decided to stop to say Hi.

Howard told me he is 90 1/2.  I was thinking how when children are little they will say I am 6 1/2 or 8 1/2 but when you are 40 you don’t seem to say 40 1/2, but when you are 90 you can say the half.

I started writing this a few week ago and didn’t post and now Howard has passed. I am glad we got to visit him before he went home to be with the Lord.

Howard always wore bow ties and you couldn’t pass by him without receiving a big hug!  He drove himself to church each week until I would say 2 months before he got sick. I asked him about his wife that had passed years back and he got a big smile and told me he was going to be with her again someday. Howard was always volunteering his time for events. He told me on our last visit it worked at the Toledo Rec. Center and he started a wonderful tradition that still exists today in Toledo called Children’s wonderland. He worked for the Toledo Zoo for years and loved his work.

A few years ago Randy and I were outside when a car pulled up and Howard got out and rolled a duck walking toy on a stick u to us and said “Here I made this for the boys” We were surprised he thought of us and cherish his thoughtful gift.

In 90 1/2 years Howard touched lives and will be missed. Candy

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Daily Gratitudes

I have been thinking how things just seem to work out. When you feel the blues in your life thinking things will never get better and they do. I used to say I am lucky now I try to say blessed. The Lord always takes care of me. I thought we could have a place to put our daily gratitude’s and you can let me know what you are grateful for and I will post it.

  • My Lord and all he has done for me.
  • family
  • It was a beautiful day yesterday
  • work

Have a great day and God’s Blessings, Candy

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Wanted: Another Valuable Lesson from you

Do you have a valuable lesson you would like to share. Something we all could learn from? Well here is your chance to be my guest.  email me at candyh@anothervaluable

Have a wonderful day and God’s Blessings, Candy

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