Wanted: Your Valuable Lessons

Do you have a valuable lesson you would like to share. Something we all could learn from? Well here is your chance to be my guest.  email me at candyh@anothervaluable lesson.com

Have a wonderful day and God’s Blessings, Candy

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Back to school, teenagers and the meanest mom in the world!

Tomorrow, my children start back to school and today we are in back to school mode. This year I have a nursing student, Junior and Freshman in HS, and a eighth grader. The time is flying and when they were little I would hear “enjoy them they grow fast” and they have.

I just wanted to add I have 4 teenagers and I think the the teenage years have been the hardest. Teenagers have their own opinions and agendas. You raise them the best you can and they don’t always appreciate your ideas, love and discipline.

Here is some of what my children have told me-

  • Everyone has a belly button ring…..
  • Everyone has a cell phone
  • you are  more strict then my friends parents.
  • 11 o’clock curfew my friends can stay out as late as they want… My momma told me nothing good happens after 11 o’clock.
  • Your the meanest mom in the world!

I am raising my children how I was raised. You do the best you can and hope you aren’t ruining them for life and hoping and praying someday they may say Thanks Mom!

I am the meanest mom in the world and was raised by the meanest mom in the world, hoping I am raising the meanest mom in the world!

Have a great Day! Candy

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Lessons Learned

When I was a kid fighting with a friend. My mom would always tell me “look at the other point of view or you don’t know until you walk a mile in their shoes” When you are a kid you hate to admit mom was right until you become that mom.

Times have been tight for our family but we have stayed strong and I have to say I have learned some very valuable lessons. Here are a few:

  • Don’t make your net worth more important then you self worth!
  • Money isn’t everything, but it helps,
  • When I thought we were sunk, somehow it always worked out better then I expected.
  • Don’t lose hope!
  • Tough times do build character and makes you appreciate what you have more!
  • There is always someone worse off then you!


Keep your family close to you!

Have a blessed day and better days are coming! Candy

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