Life isn’t so bad!

Yesterday, My youngest daughter was home sick. I called the Dr and they got her right in. We found out it is just a virus, but they charged me $116.00 to tell me that. I was surprised and Randy and I were discussing it stopped at a light. When this man pulled up next to us and told me to wind down the window and Randy said “oh great now something is wrong with the car”  When the man said “I’m going to give you 5 minutes”  He turned up is radio and smiled and started dancing in his car. Life isn’t so bad!

  • My daughter is so precious and how could I be upset when she needed care.
  • A man who was a little corky made me think!

For every single thing that goes wrong in our lives, we have fifty to one hundred blessings.

God’s Blessings on your day, Candy

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And yet, another valuable lesson!

Good day and welcome. Randy and I just finished our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace on Sunday. We were talking about how we wish we would have learned to manage our money sooner, I guess I can say this has been another valuable lesson. If you go to his site there are quickie budget plans and other resources.

The only complaint I have about Dave Ramsey’s plan is when he said “If it isn’t in the budget you don’t buy it!” We have 4 kids and something is always coming up like Ben and Jake have an Orchestra concert this weekend and Ben needs a bow tie and white shirt… I can’t tell him out of luck. So what I am trying to say is Life happens!

If you get the chance please find a class and I bet you will be like Randy and I and say “Why didn’t we start sooner?”

have a great day, Candy

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Food for Thought

My brother in law sent me this link yesterday and I just wanted to share.

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2009 Another Valuable Lesson

Good Morning and Happy New Year! This is a time for fresh starts and beginnings. As I reflect on my 2009 I am left with many valuable lessons and here are a few:

  • Don’t make your net worth more important then your self worth! When our business failed I was left with feelings of being a failure and The I told you so’s made it even worst.
  • I was really mad at someone this year and thought they have hurt me one to many times and thought and said “I am done with them” then a few days later I thought Candy, what if the Lord was done with you? I have been forgiven so many times and me thinking I would withhold forgiveness was just wrong!
  • People and relationship are so much more important then STUFF!

I am going to really try to update more this year. Love and God’s Blessings, Candy

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