And yet, another valuable lesson!

Good day and welcome. Randy and I just finished our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace on Sunday. We were talking about how we wish we would have learned to manage our money sooner, I guess I can say this has been another valuable lesson. If you go to his site there are quickie budget plans and other resources.

The only complaint I have about Dave Ramsey’s plan is when he said “If it isn’t in the budget you don’t buy it!” We have 4 kids and something is always coming up like Ben and Jake have an Orchestra concert this weekend and Ben needs a bow tie and white shirt… I can’t tell him out of luck. So what I am trying to say is Life happens!

If you get the chance please find a class and I bet you will be like Randy and I and say “Why didn’t we start sooner?”

have a great day, Candy

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  1. I’m not sure if this will come out correctly but, I think by not being wise with our treasures be it money, land or talents helps us to be stronger when our eyesare opened. 5-10-15 yrs ago we may not have stuck with a budget or been willing to listen/learn. Where we have been brings us to where we are

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