The Farmers Daughter

Today, I read a story on bripblap and wanted to share The farmer’s daughter. Visit the site and read the story and let me know what you thought. I thought it was another valuable lesson.

Have a blessed day!

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Make better choices!

Have you ever thought We only have one body and one life here on earth? If we don’t take care of yourself then that is it. I have been totally tired of all the trash on TV and I found a channel with old shows and I watched Emergency a show I watched when I was a kid. Randy and I couldn’t get over how thin the people were and this show was from the 70’s. What have we done to our selves over the years….I think conveniences have made us gain weight.

Today: Take care of that one body and life. Make better choices!

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Prayer is the prescription

When our youngest daughter, Lyndsey was 9 she was prone to migraines. We later discovered it was when she ate chocolate. Randy and I had went to a bible study and they talk was about healing prayer. The speaker said when our children our sick why don’t we try prayer first. That evening when we arrived back home Lyndsey had another one of her headaches. She couldn’t even lift her head off the pillow. We decided to pray over her. When our prayer was over we said how do you feel Lyn and she said “I feel better” We said really? and she did. I often wonder why we were shocked at God’s healing power.

Today, I am asking for prayers for 2 men in my life. My honey went to the doctor yesterday and he has pneumonia and my Daddy-0 starts the process for his radiation today.

Have a blessed day, Candy

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