Another Valuable Lesson #11


Think before you speak….this is sometimes a hard one for me. My husband bites his tongue… literally to prevent himself from speaking when someone is talking to him.

Think before you do something that could change your life!

When I was a kid I can remember my mom saying  “use your head a little bit!” That was her way to say THINK!

I call thinking… Food for thought and this is my food for thought for today!

Have a great day, Candy

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Another Valuable Lesson #10

~ Take a day to watch the grass grow~

It is ok to take a day to relax. To breath and watch the grass grow. Recharge and live!

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Another Valuable Lesson #9

This is a lesson I am in the midst of now in my life.

~ Grown children don’t always value your opinion ~

A wedding on December 30th will be just fine!

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