Another Valuable Lesson #15

Sometimes the hard thingĀ  and the right thing are the same!

Last night we had a camp out for a youngest son and 2 of his friends. This morning while cleaning up the tent we found an empty egg carton. I have thought that I have raised my children not to be destructive. Well him and his 2 buddies decided it would be fun to egg their friend’s house at 2 in the morning. I was surprised they were able to leave our home and I didn’t know. Randy and I took both friends home and talked to their parents and each agreed we would take them back to the house and apologies and clean it up.

We went up to the door talked to the owner answered and was somewhat shocked we brought the boys back and as he said “do the right thing” the boys cleaned you their mess and we left. I hope the boys have leaned another valuable lesson!

God’s blessings, Candy

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Another Valuable Lesson #14

Thy will not my will!

Many times in my life I have prayed Lord should I go to the left or the right. Boxing the Lord in my will and He may be telling me go straight. I am learning to pray thy will not my will and I am starting to see the difference. I heard a song today…..Thank God for unanswered prayers….. Thank you Lord for all those unanswered prayers!

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Another Valuable lesson #13

There is beauty a gas tank away and it took a little 13 to get us there!

Way to go Tyler and the Webster Yankees!

Don’t let fear hold you back from taking a little trip.

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