Another Valuable Lesson #19

Raising teenagers

  1. I forgot is a common excuse, but memories are like an elephant when their brother didn’t do something.
  2. I just found out why we have so many glasses being used everyday. “It is gross to use the glass more then once!”
  3. It doesn’t matter what you did for them in the past, it is what you are doing for them now.
  4. It’s OK to leave the windows open and the air conditioner on! Last month Randy and I arrived home after work and all the windows were open except the living room and the air conditioner was on. I asked why is the air on and the windows open? When my teenager explained, I closed the living room and I was going to get to it on the commercial, but forgot. When I was a kid and the door left open in the winter : what are you heating the outside?
  5. “Don’t compare me to my sister, we are different” Until she reminds us of perceived privileges or advantages her sister has had she hasn’t ….then it all about being the same and fair!

I think the Lord planned it right, we have infants that grow into teenagers and we can grow right along with them! Have a great day and God’s Blessings, Candy

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Another Valuable Lesson #18

When I was a kid my Grandma Young would say “if I knew then what I know now” when I was a kid I really didn’t understand it, but now in my 40’s I can actually say I know now what my grandma was talking about. Our oldest is getting married in December. She has all the dreams and expectations I remember having….I just hope she continues on her path so she can have that wonderful life she is dreaming about. You can’t learn lessons for others like our children we can tell them our experiences. We hope they take heed and maybe get our do-over through them.

God’s blessings and Have a great day! Candy

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