Another Valuable lesson #20

This month we have had highs and lows. My husband was coughing up blood and we found he needed open heart surgery, Our youngest daughter turned 18, our oldest got married and now Christmas.

Earlier in the day my husband said hey feel my heart. I could feel it pounding so I told him to sit and rest awhile. later in the day I went to work and he came into my work upset he had coughed up blood and he needed to go to the emergency room. At the emergency room he went through different tests and he went from possible lung cancer, acid reflex and then a heart value problem.

This week a man at our church was having chest pain and went to the hospital and later died. He spent Christmas with his family and now he is gone….. This could be anyone of us or a loved one.

As I look back I can see signs my husband was in distress. I could see my husband getting weaker and have learned Another Valuable Lesson….. Listen to your body and pay attention to those around you.

God’s Blessings, Candy

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