Better days are coming!

When I was a kid my Grandma stayed at our home quite a bit. When I would get home from school she would hide, but when I open the door I knew she was there. She could never figure out how I knew……The secret I could smell her PalMall cigarettes. In the mornings¬† she would have toast and hot chocolate waiting. The toast…well,the butter melted just right on every square inch of it and to this day I can’t get that perfect. There are so many things I love and miss about her.¬† When my grandma was unable to stay alone she moved into to my folks home. I am thinking that was the greatest gift my parents gave to me and my family. The love for the elderly and family!

Grandma has been gone for years, but I think of her often and now I see her in things we do. Grandma would tell me when I was stressed with life “Can- better days are coming!” I do have to believe they are

Today’s lesson- Count your blessings, not your troubles. Thanks Grandma

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