Stop to just be thankful!

Today, I have the privilege of sharing a story my dear cousin told me this week.

Guest Post: By Susan Sunday

I often remember something that sticks with me when I am this busy. Many years ago I lived near some really great neighbors.   One day the elderly man came to my door and asked if I would like the roses he had in his back yard.  I had always admired them.  They were outstanding.  They climbed and were the most beautiful red.  The blooms lasted so long.  These roses had moved with his family to that house and he couldn’t bear to get rid of them.  He and his wife were redoing the landscape and they couldn’t find a place for these roses.  I gladly accepted them.  He told me they might go into a little shock with the move but they would bloom again, not to worry.  He helped me find the perfect place for these beauties.  I planted the roses in my front yard.  People would walk down the sidewalk and ask if they were real.  Could they touch them?  Sure.  These roses were so beautiful.  Every time I pulled into my driveway I would admire them.  Every time I looked out the dinning room window, I admired them.  I looked forward to seeing them every spring.  I loved them so much that when I moved I took them with me.  The elderly neighbors were gone by then and they would be happy I thought to take them with me.  I found the perfect place for the roses so I could always admire them.  I the lovingly planted them in the center side of my back yard.  They would always be visible.

I remember, in my past life, I was so busy.  I would get the kids off to school; get ready for work, leave and come back home to fix dinner, laundry, and homework help and so on.  One day I had walked out my back door and stood there in shock.  My roses had bloomed and were on their way out.  I missed them.  I missed their beauty.  I forgot to take time to smell the roses.  And now they were fading.  Now when I am so busy I think of that moment.  And I stop.  I reflect on what I have and who I have.  I am so thankful for the people in my life.  I am so thankful for what I have.  I need to get back to the real world instead of living in the crazy-busy world.  Now, I don’t have those beautiful roses anymore, but, now I stop just to be thankful.

The wise words that really spoke to me when she told me her story. Thank you for sharing, Candy

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