Another Valuable lesson #20

This month we have had highs and lows. My husband was coughing up blood and we found he needed open heart surgery, Our youngest daughter turned 18, our oldest got married and now Christmas.

Earlier in the day my husband said hey feel my heart. I could feel it pounding so I told him to sit and rest awhile. later in the day I went to work and he came into my work upset he had coughed up blood and he needed to go to the emergency room. At the emergency room he went through different tests and he went from possible lung cancer, acid reflex and then a heart value problem.

This week a man at our church was having chest pain and went to the hospital and later died. He spent Christmas with his family and now he is gone….. This could be anyone of us or a loved one.

As I look back I can see signs my husband was in distress. I could see my husband getting weaker and have learned Another Valuable Lesson….. Listen to your body and pay attention to those around you.

God’s Blessings, Candy

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Another Valuable Lesson #18

When I was a kid my Grandma Young would say “if I knew then what I know now” when I was a kid I really didn’t understand it, but now in my 40’s I can actually say I know now what my grandma was talking about. Our oldest is getting married in December. She has all the dreams and expectations I remember having….I just hope she continues on her path so she can have that wonderful life she is dreaming about. You can’t learn lessons for others like our children we can tell them our experiences. We hope they take heed and maybe get our do-over through them.

God’s blessings and Have a great day! Candy

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Another Valuable Lesson #15

Sometimes the hard thing  and the right thing are the same!

Last night we had a camp out for a youngest son and 2 of his friends. This morning while cleaning up the tent we found an empty egg carton. I have thought that I have raised my children not to be destructive. Well him and his 2 buddies decided it would be fun to egg their friend’s house at 2 in the morning. I was surprised they were able to leave our home and I didn’t know. Randy and I took both friends home and talked to their parents and each agreed we would take them back to the house and apologies and clean it up.

We went up to the door talked to the owner answered and was somewhat shocked we brought the boys back and as he said “do the right thing” the boys cleaned you their mess and we left. I hope the boys have leaned another valuable lesson!

God’s blessings, Candy

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Another Valuable lesson #13

There is beauty a gas tank away and it took a little 13 to get us there!

Way to go Tyler and the Webster Yankees!

Don’t let fear hold you back from taking a little trip.

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Another Valuable Lesson #12

Loving doesn’t always mean you will recieve that love back. Sometimes it makes your heart hurt, I can’t change how they feel and have to move on from it.

My Grandma used to tell me  “love is blind until you see how much love there is to be!”

God’s Blessings, Candy

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Another Valuable Lesson #11


Think before you speak….this is sometimes a hard one for me. My husband bites his tongue… literally to prevent himself from speaking when someone is talking to him.

Think before you do something that could change your life!

When I was a kid I can remember my mom saying  “use your head a little bit!” That was her way to say THINK!

I call thinking… Food for thought and this is my food for thought for today!

Have a great day, Candy

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Another Valuable Lesson #10

~ Take a day to watch the grass grow~

It is ok to take a day to relax. To breath and watch the grass grow. Recharge and live!

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Another Valuable Lesson #8

” Life is sweeter when you marvel at the day-to-day little things and not just wait for the weekend, or the vacation, to immerse yourself in all its joys, colors, aromas, sounds, and texture.”

I asked some of my friends the valuable lessons they have learned in their lives and this on really spoke to me. Thanks to Michael Young

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Another Valuable Lesson #7

My Mama always says:

“We never talk about Religion or Politics with others”

and Mama always knows best!

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Another Valuable Lesson #6

If it was easy everyone would be doing it!

When you are going through struggles, maybe starting a business. If it was easy everyone would be doing it! A few years back My dear friend Robin said “Candy, you need to tell God your dreams!” Well I thought God knew all my dreams….doesn’t He? The right thing isn’t always the easy thing to do and I am working on this one today.

Have a blessed day, Candy

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