Another Valuable Lesson #29

I have been thinking a lot about life lately. It seems to be going faster the older I am getting. I am blessed to be in a family where I know I am loved. I have my parents, husband, children and now even grandchildren. I have been trying to spend as much time with my grand-boys as I can. I seem to sing silly little songs and them seem to like them and got me thinking my grandma always sang a silly little song to me…”Candy Sue I love you” Something I hadn’t thought about in awhile… Precious Memories!

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Another Valuable Lesson #27

Make time to enjoy the beauty around you. This is the sunrise on the Maumee river. My husband and I like to get up early on Saturday mornings and watch the sunrise. A precious time of the day!

Have a blessed day, Candy

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Another Valuable Lesson #26

This week  it seems every where I go I am faced with breast cancer…. I attended the funeral of a friend that had stage 4 breast cancer. Each morning I would pray for a miracle for her and her family. She got her miracle she is now resting in Jesus’ arms. She leaves behind her husband and 3 children. She fought so hard and is an amazing example. I will miss my friend.

I also visited a dear friend in the hospital that had a double Mastectomy, Visited another friend that had reconstructive surgery from her mastectomy and got a phone call from another that just found out she has breast cancer. I am wondering if the Lord is giving me a sign to spread the word.

Ladies we all need to have our mammograms and self breast exams.

God’s blessings, Candy

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Better days are coming!

When I was a kid my Grandma stayed at our home quite a bit. When I would get home from school she would hide, but when I open the door I knew she was there. She could never figure out how I knew……The secret I could smell her PalMall cigarettes. In the mornings  she would have toast and hot chocolate waiting. The toast…well,the butter melted just right on every square inch of it and to this day I can’t get that perfect. There are so many things I love and miss about her.  When my grandma was unable to stay alone she moved into to my folks home. I am thinking that was the greatest gift my parents gave to me and my family. The love for the elderly and family!

Grandma has been gone for years, but I think of her often and now I see her in things we do. Grandma would tell me when I was stressed with life “Can- better days are coming!” I do have to believe they are

Today’s lesson- Count your blessings, not your troubles. Thanks Grandma

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Another Valuable Lesson #23

“Lost time is never found again” By Ben Franklin

I wondered what they did in Ben Franklin’s day?

All the distractions we have today.

We have so many things that compete for our time. I deactivated my Facebook for awhile I just need a break from sitting watching a screen of what is going on in our lives. I am hoping to get more done!

Have a blessed day, Candy

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Another Valuable Lesson #19

Raising teenagers

  1. I forgot is a common excuse, but memories are like an elephant when their brother didn’t do something.
  2. I just found out why we have so many glasses being used everyday. “It is gross to use the glass more then once!”
  3. It doesn’t matter what you did for them in the past, it is what you are doing for them now.
  4. It’s OK to leave the windows open and the air conditioner on! Last month Randy and I arrived home after work and all the windows were open except the living room and the air conditioner was on. I asked why is the air on and the windows open? When my teenager explained, I closed the living room and I was going to get to it on the commercial, but forgot. When I was a kid and the door left open in the winter : what are you heating the outside?
  5. “Don’t compare me to my sister, we are different” Until she reminds us of perceived privileges or advantages her sister has had she hasn’t ….then it all about being the same and fair!

I think the Lord planned it right, we have infants that grow into teenagers and we can grow right along with them! Have a great day and God’s Blessings, Candy

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Another Valuable Lesson #18

When I was a kid my Grandma Young would say “if I knew then what I know now” when I was a kid I really didn’t understand it, but now in my 40’s I can actually say I know now what my grandma was talking about. Our oldest is getting married in December. She has all the dreams and expectations I remember having….I just hope she continues on her path so she can have that wonderful life she is dreaming about. You can’t learn lessons for others like our children we can tell them our experiences. We hope they take heed and maybe get our do-over through them.

God’s blessings and Have a great day! Candy

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Another Valuable Lesson #16

Today is my 100th post on Another Valuable Lesson. I have been thinking a lot about family since my oldest has decided to get married this December.

I have wonderful memories growing up. Some of my fondest ones are of my grandma Young. I see her in things I am doing or in my mom. I found a prayer my grandma had taped to her bathroom mirror. (It is typed exactly how she had it….)

Remind Me, God

Dear God, When I am lonely and…perhaps I feel despair…Let not my ailing heart forget…That you hear every prayer…Remind me that no matter what… I do or fail to do… There still is hope for me as long…As I have faith in you Let not my eyes be blinded by…Some folly I commit…But help me to regret my wrong…And to make up for it…Inspire me to put my fears… Upon a hidden shelf… And in the future never to…Be sorry for myself…and give me the restful sleep I need…Before another dawn…and bless me in the morning…the courage to go on.

I wonder if she was lonely?

Another Valuable Lesson #16  Love your elderly

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Another Valuable Lesson #14

Thy will not my will!

Many times in my life I have prayed Lord should I go to the left or the right. Boxing the Lord in my will and He may be telling me go straight. I am learning to pray thy will not my will and I am starting to see the difference. I heard a song today…..Thank God for unanswered prayers….. Thank you Lord for all those unanswered prayers!

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Another Valuable Lesson #9

This is a lesson I am in the midst of now in my life.

~ Grown children don’t always value your opinion ~

A wedding on December 30th will be just fine!

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